Remember When Your Marriage Felt Fresh & New?

Revive Your Sacred Bond: Blueprint for Marriage Bliss in Your Prime Years

Did you know that 2 in 3 married couples contemplate separating due to feelings of disconnect, especially during their 40’s and 50’s?

There's more... 

“It’s not about the distance of your relationship, it’s all about the depth.” — Evan Money Ph.D 

Yet, countless couples lose this essence, letting their once burning passion diminish to mere embers and shallowness.

But now there's good news...

A new way to think about reaffirming your commitment to each other before God... one you'll read about today. 

It’s simple, fun and provides instant results.
Instead of feeling trapped in the mundane routines, becoming two ships passing in the night, haunted by the trials of life that seem to shadow the brilliance of your love, and questioning if the radiance of union can ever glow again...

Starting today you can reignite your relationship and rediscover Marriage Bliss, embracing a journey of continual growth and faith. 

Picture a world where every morning, the connection feels stronger, where your bond is unbreakable by life's tempests, where you both are immersed in a bond so deep, it becomes a beacon for others. 

But this transformation requires your full heart and a first step today.

And that's why this letter may be the most important message you receive all year. 

Consider it carefully. 

Read it more than once. 

Then you decide if this is what growth-minded married couples everywhere are saying this is...

The Fix For Dimming Radiance in Sacred Bonds

I'm Evan Money. 

Yes that’s really my last name and my bride and I are #1 Bestselling authors, acclaimed film producers, and have been featured everywhere from Success Magazine to the Daily Mirror. 

But our proudest accomplishment? 

We've married each other 31 times.

My bride and I have been in the business of helping Christian couples reignite their flame for over a two decades.

Reaffirm Your Love For Each Other With A Vow Renewal

Realizing dreams of an ever-strong bond.

Today we are sharing the most concise and to-the-point blueprint for growth-minded couples I’ve ever used.

One that…

Helps You Restore The Flow Of Love

Best of all it’s simple, easy and a whole lot of fun. 

You see, I recently analyzed countless couples we've helped over the years.

I studied what reignited their bond faster than the rest.

The result astonished me... and here’s why:

At the heart of every flourishing relationship was a concept – Marriage Bliss. 

It wasn't just about rekindling the old but evolving together in faith, commitment, and continual growth. 

This key was more profound than just reliving the wedding day; it was about embracing the journey since then and projecting a future brighter than ever.

And we put all of that into a simple by-the-numbers downloadable handbook that...

Works Without Pricey Getaways or Lavish Gifts

Most growth-minded married couples in their prime years believe they need to splurge on luxury vacations or extravagant presents to reaffirm their commitment...and that makes sense.

That's why what I'm about to reveal doesn’t lean on emptying your pockets for expensive getaways or showering each other with pricey tokens of affection.

Studies prove ( and you may have noticed it as well) that couples who heavily invested in vacations or materialistic items felt a momentary boost in connection, but reported feeling the same or even more painful disconnection within three months. 

These extravagant gestures, though beautiful, can often serve as mere band-aids covering deeper issues. 

They might offer fleeting joy but fail to address the root of marital challenges.

So, instead of relying on momentary splurges, you delve deeper into meaningful, faith-based reaffirmations.

This approach offers lasting satisfaction because couples who actively seek spiritual reaffirmation in their relationship experience a more profound, enduring bond.

This way, when you stand before God, renewing vows from a place of deep connection, you bask in the warmth of genuine commitment, rather than just enjoying a fleeting thrill.

So rather than feeling that the radiance of your union has dimmed, you can reignite that sacred bond with profound depth and authenticity.